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    Enemy Cooldowns

    As a rogue, I am looking to get a better understanding of the enemy cooldowns both offensive and defensive to help my game.

    Is there a good video series for this or what would be the best way to learn other classes without playing them at 120?

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    In the past when i was in your situation, wanting to learn about other classes. I simply Queued up arena and watched what other classes did and could do. Then wondered 'What was that???' Then searched it. Then never got caught off guard by it again.
    However that's the long way to do it. You could go out of your way to watch content of other classes. I'm not entirely sure if there's a series dedicated to this subject however there's nothing wrong with saying you cant watch other classes videos and find out about them.
    Like completely randomly watching like a resto druid guide and see what weaknesses they have and what to play around when playing rogue into druid. This might help you a lot!

    Something else you can do, is go into your omnibar settings and look up the spells there and see what they do for each class. this is a fun way to learn about each and every classes CD's and might give you more arena awareness because of this.

    If there's something else you wanna know ask me!

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