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    Question Best healer for DH + Frost DK

    Me and my friends only recently started playing arena and have got to just below 1.9k in 3v3 running DH, FrostDK and me playing disc.

    We really felt like we hit a wall here and were just coming up against stronger comps but we all enjoy our classes. Moving into season 3 was thinking about trying something new.

    I used to play holy priest and only this season started playing disc but the aggressive playstyle was something I quickly learned to love.

    What would you guys recommend for this comp or do you think that disc still has the legs to make it work?

    Thanks for your time

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    Disc needs a team that can be hyper offensive and help him by simply out pressuring the other team. hense why the only real disc comps at the minute are jungle and rogue/mage

    If you're ever wanting to play holy again you could play something like holy / fire mage / destro.

    For this comp specifically you need a resto druid or resto shaman, or a Mw monk. In fact every single healer comes before disc.
    For this comp in order: Druid > Rsham > Monk > Hpal > Priest.

    I'll give you the reasoning why!
    This comp doesn't have a mortal strike effect meaning its a lot harder to kill certain teams than it should be. That also being said games are inherently going to be longer, and disc doesn't have the toolset to forcefully live that long. especially with dps that cant support him infinitely. meaning at best you'd live to 10-20% dampening, before you're oom or dead already
    If you think about all the other healers in that tiny tier list i gave you above, they all look like they have infinite mana pools and cooldowns to live

    Back on topic. Moving into season 3, i still think jungle and rmp will still be good, hopefully we'll see the return of things like ret/hunter/priest and sub/hunter/priest etc! Let us hope

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