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    RMX struggling vs caster cleave.

    any general tips or strategy vs caster cleaves for a rogue? it seems like i dont know what to do and i just run around getting banged

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    It's very important for you to know that you need to save your freedom sprint and shadow step to make 'go's' you can't waste these essential CD's on trying to just do damage, wait for your team to get CC, then you can easily shadow step kidney or sprint before hand to get to them into a kidney for your big go.

    This is the biggest mistake that rogues do into double caster's in 3s, they waste their mobility then get stuck in the middle not being able to be offensive OR defensive.

    There's two sides to my first point by the way. Dont ever use BOTH for the same go as this might just make you stranded in the middle of the arena not being able to move or do anything right? So hence forth me saying try to do that.

    Tldr: Be very careful about how you use your mobility CD's.

    I could go into a lot more detail if you wanted too, however i dont want to give you a Bible to read without you saying it! Tell me if there's something else you'd like to know

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