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    MW having trouble surviving

    I'm having trouble surviving against rogue, ww monk and sometimes DH at around 2k-2100cr

    My issue is mostly in the 2s bracket, havent done much 3s yet since monk is a new class for me. My partner is a DH so him not having a slow definitely makes things harder.

    I've figured out little things to help me out. For example, I've been saving my incaps against ww monks for when they use fist of fury. And I try to port right when it's off CD so I can take advantage of short port since his isnt up yet.

    Is there anything else I can do to try and buy myself some time? Or maybe something my DH can do to help?

    Thanks in advance

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    Living as a MW monk is quite subjective.
    What i mean by that is if you waste your mobility you're stuck for 10-15 seconds.

    try to never double roll unless you 100% have too.
    There's a pvp talent which reduces your port CD substantially ( I forget it's name and wowhead is down at this moment, but i'm sure you can find it)
    Secondly to that point having good port placement will GREATLY increase your survivability against any and all melee's and seeing as with the talent it's a 20 or 25 second CD it'll become very hard to die.

    Kiting with your enveloping mist up, if you're 60-70% hp, you can quickly get an enveloping on your self, then use a roll into a port then renewing mist your self and let your self get to full hp (Without wasting too much mana too!)

    You have an insane toolkit for survival, as you've mentioned you're incapping important stuff like fists etc, you also have ring, stun, disarm (If chosen)
    Using these tools one after another will make you live so much longer, try to never instantly overlap them, like ring into legsweep etc as you'll be in a spot where you dont have anything to help you live.

    If there's something else i missed or you're curious about please ask me!

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