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    Question DH BiS | 8.3 Arenas

    TLDR; how do I optimize my gear and/or corruptions for high-level arena?

    Hi there,

    Having trouble finding a ton of info on what is BiS for DH now, especially with the constant nerfs to (overtuned) corruptions. I have a few questions:

    - Are there secondary stat caps for haste/verse/etc.? I know it's best to shoot for 20-22% range but what is optimal? I've seen some DH's with higher-than-usual mastery in PvP.

    - How much corruption is advisable? With grand delusions hitting for over 100k, it's clear to me that I need to keep mine under 40. However, there are guys at the top of the ladders with 50 or so.

    - What is the TRUE stat priority? At what point does raw stats from higher ilvl (without haste/verse) items outweigh lower level haste/verse gear? If agility is at the top then why don't we use agi gems? When is it appropriate to sacrifice a trinket with agi for a verse trinket? What's the minimum amount of agility that I should shoot for?


    - I have 3 corruption gear setups right now, which is meta?

    A. 470 Bile-Stained Crawg Tusks w/ rank 2 Infinite Stars - 13 net corruption - 400k health - 458 ilvl
    9666 agi / 21% crit / 20% haste / 27% mastery / 17% vers
    (can swap 460 bracers for 445 ones to move 1% from crit to verse, but lose 1 ilvl and 3k health)

    B. 460 (crit & verse) bracers w/ rank 3 Echoing Void - 23 net corruption - 398k health - 457 ilvl
    9631 agi / 21% crit / 21% haste / 27% mastery / 19% vers
    (requires sacrificing above 470 tusks for 460 Corrupted Gladiator's Warglaive)

    C. 440 (crit & haste) legs w/ rank 3 Twisted Appendage - 29 net corruption - 392k health - 455 ilvl
    9494 agi / 18% crit / 25% haste / 27% mastery / 17% vers
    (can swap 445 haste/verse bracers for the aforementioned 460 crit/haste ones for -1% verse but +1 ilvl and +2.5k health)

    -- in all 3 scenarios I can swap my 450 verse trinket (insignia) for a +573 agi trinket such as maledict or safeguard, resulting in -2% verse. Doing so for scenario A would put me down to 16% verse but bump me up to 10,216 agi (and a 4% speed bonus on my upgraded maledict).


    So many options but I don't know what to choose. What is optimal for 2s or 3s??? How do I optimize my pvp gear when there are no pvp sims that take arena scaling into effect?!

    My OCD is TRIGGERED... plz halp!


    [first post btw]
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    Hey! I'll do my best to answer these as accurately as possible.

    1) Secondary stats don't really have a cap. You want as much versatility and then haste as possible.

    2) Stay below 40 corruption in PvP. You can play with more for "fun" but if you're being serious, don't go over 40.

    3) Both versatility and haste sim higher than agility.

    4) Either use the infinite stars or the mind flay, just check details and see what's doing more damage for you between both gear sets. As for the trinket, maledict is good if you're using it as a team, otherwise stick to the insignia. Don't worry too much about giving it more thought than that. With that being said, try and get your hands on that Writhing Segment of Drest'agath trinket.

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