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    Priority target

    Hello, Iíve just subscribed to this site and really enjoying the content so far.

    Iím at 1500 rating and still learning the pvp scene. I play 2v2 as holy pally with an assassin rogue.

    My question is, when the match starts, how should we choose our priority target? Is there any guide on the site about this? For example, should we focus the dps, the healer, or whichever?


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    Hey im glad to hear that!

    There's no SET guide to who you should go on, healer or dps. It's very match by match reliant. Let's say your facing a rogue/priest team, your rogue might want to swap around a bit. Whereas if you're facing a dh/rdruid team, the rdruid is really untouchable in most cases, so he'll be forced to hit the dh until the druid makes a mistake and pushes in.

    If there's anything else i can help you with like target selection please tell me!

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