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    Enhance Build

    Hey guys I'm looking to start playing arena as enhance (I know find a good therapist cause i must hate myself) but its really the only class I've ever enjoyed playing. I was watching the 3 steps to gladiator videos which seem to be super helpful but I noted that the talent/honor/azerite traits differ from what most people are using on loot district. I understand that people change talents and such based on comps and 2's vs 3s but i was just curious if there have been any updates on what the current builds are. Im currently running boulder fist/landslide as an example but lightning shield forceful winds seem to be the most picked overall.

    Also curious what 2s comp might have some success. Thanks in advance

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    I asked Joefernandes and this is what he had to say!

    ^ are the standard talents, you can use Lightning Shield + Forceful Winds when being tunnelled down, which is very powerful against melee cleaves and when looking for more cleave pressure
    As for traits you want 3x Natural Harmony, 1x Ancestral Resonance, 1x Roiling Storm and 1x Thunderaan's Fury for both 2s or 3s
    also with talents, the reason why you play with Fury of air is you play with Memory of Lucid Dreams minor for more self healing, it does a ton with Fury of air

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