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    Elemental shaman comp 2v2

    Hello everyone,

    I have some couple of questions

    What makes the compo ele sham/hpriest so good in 2v2?

    Do you have any tips to share with ele sham and hpal in 2v2?
    We are struggling mostly against rogue/mage

    Looking forward for your answer! Thank you!

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    Funnily enough i play that comp with jaime around 2800-3k rating this season and its because we have instant unavoidable CC goes with chastise > fear with lasso on the DPS. We have off healing to save me (the holy priest) during stuns and even spell protection for my holy wards with earth shield and such!

    However i think it's mostly the unavoidable CC 'goes' that makes this comp good

    As for hpal / ele in 2s. Play rep and run at the healer (Unless its a resto druid) What i mean by this is keep trying and trying to get the repentance it'll be really hard for them to heal AND avoid the rep. I faced this comp today and once they started doing this to us it was really hard to do anything D:

    Rogue/mage, open up with your earth ele up and use pet wall during the first go and your own wall 2nd go, of course stopping sheeps and killing the mage is probably your go-to as the rogue can very easily avoid your damage much better than the mage can

    You could even trinket > ground the first 'go' but this opens you up to be smoke bombed on later so if you choose to do this you'll have to close the game out really fast or rely on your healer to save you.

    Rogue/mage advice is really situational, All i can say is dont NOT use your cds. use them all. It's gonna be a short game regardless so dont be afraid to pump them with all your cds

    If there's anything else you'd like to know please tell me

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    Thank you for all the informations Zenzy !

    I will for sure come back to you for any further questions

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    Hello Zenzy ,

    I'm returning to you because one of my friend switched to holy priest recently and now we will try elemental shaman with holy priest comp. Do you have any advices to give to a new priest player like common mistakes that are done and could be avoided. I know its a pretty general question xD but any advice will be good to take !

    Also we would like to know if you have a stream channel where we could follow you

    Thank you!

    Kind regards

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    Sorry for the late reply!

    Sure here - Twitch.tv/zenlynxo is my stream and i stream sometimes with jaime (The highest rated elemental shaman) and we own it up.
    I dont have sub vods on so feel free to watch any of the games :P

    As for general advice for holy priest. Try to get atleast 34% Haste for the breakpoint of greater heal being 2.2 seconds cast. You CAN get it lower than that, for example my greater heal cast is 2.0 seconds but i have 60% haste baseline.
    Other things would be to whenever you have downtime just smite to reset the CD of your chastise. it's never bad. Also realise when you can and CANNOT heal. sometimes you'll be put in those situations where they have too many interrupts for you and it feels impossible so make sure you either bait those interrupts with mindcontrol or get their kick with greater heal then fade THEN cast greater heal as they cant stop you through greater fade

    I dont want to give you a Bible to read so :P
    Hope i could help ^^

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