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    2v2 Restoration advice needed

    Hi guys,

    Some background, I have previously had 2.2k on multiple classes and managed 2150 as hpala last season

    This season iv decided to take on the challenge as resto shaman, predominantly playing Resto/DH

    The DH I'm playing with is relatively new to the game and we are hovering between 2000 and 2050 rating, depending how many warlocks are queueing!

    Anyway despite having watching the video on the match up with Disc/Rogue I still find in later stages of dampening I'm still prone to dying in a kidney or if they go on the DH have just general throughput issues, I don't have vitality conduit which may impact that...

    Also have problems with MW/Warr again mostly once dampening gets going, as it feels like MW is hard to chase for the DH but the warrior can out trade him

    Essentially my question and the TLDR is: any tips for late dampening as a restoration shaman?

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    Something you might not be doing against rogues and warriors is playing conflict and strife in your major essence slot. This doubles your versatility during stuns and increases the amount of versa you get from the strife buff. Making you really immortal during stuns.

    However that being said how much versatility do you have? Most people right now have 30-50% (With versatility % increases) (and without them usually 20-25%) so this might be a huge impact on your outcome of games.

    I think vs rogue/priest something i definately recommend is for your DH to play Relentless every single game and for you to play relentless too (If you feel comfortable that he can live through a blind>sap on his own) However if you're orc then just play trinket - This is due to the stun reduction that they get etc

    As for getting to late dampening. I dont think you should be getting to late dampening Versus priest teams especially. Try to assist your DH getting burns. If he's burning correctly the game can be over in 3-4 minutes just from the priest being completely oom. How can you help him you might ask? Restunning his stuns to 100% secure the burn. Putting down slow totems so they cant easily walk out of the burns. Both of these will help immensely

    Edit: Almost forgot your warrior/mw problem!
    Hm this might be a hard one. Warrior/Mw right now is kinda tanky due to corruptions and such, However it follows the same line of playing as any other comp. Burns Burns Burns! Try to land mana burns whenever you can. Be in meta for it. So you get it 100% Aslong as you're burning, doing damage is irrelevent. When the monk is around 20-30% mana, doing damage to the warrior will be unhealable for him as he'll have to burn the rest of his mana on healing him.

    I saw this matchup earlier on whaazz's stream actually; this is exactly what they did, just burned his monk and when his monk was oom he was still being kited so they decided to kill whaazz because he has practically no self healing!

    Hope i could help if there's something else you need from me please tell me!

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