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    MW - song question

    Hi guys,

    I was just wondering in what match ups i should be looking to play song. i typically play with a warrior or dk in 2's but with using a lot of LFG sometimes might play with DH / feral etc. Are there any team mates where i should never take song ? What comps should i look to play song into ? i imagine some games it is just going to be better to play max range and occasionally use Ring instead for a pseudo interupt /cc

    Thanks in advance

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    As cool as song of chi-ji is right now it's not really used at all unfortunately, i see sometimes MW/Melee play it vs healers that they cant kill for example other MW's however its very rare that i actually see / meet / face someone playing this talent anymore!

    It is a very cool idea and if anything your best bet is to play it with a warrior vs a rdruid team or so because most likely he wont be able to get to the rdruid so the extra CC on him to stop healing and such might be nice.

    Hope i could help sorry to let you down! D:

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    Something to add to this is that song is played more often in 3s but is super dependant on the matchup. If it's a relatively slow paced one where you're going to easily find time to push in and cc the enemy healer while your dps focus on a high damage output, song will generally be a great pick. However in faster paced matchups where you're constantly having to deal with high incoming damage and crowd control, you'll be better off playing with ring of peace to keep with the pace as both an offensive and defensive toolkit (for example to knock amz/dome against a dk melee cleave or rmp).

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