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    Unhappy Some love for us arcane mages?

    As an arcane mage looking to improve i joined skillcapped, right now it's basicly money wasted or i dont search at the right things. But can we get some more love for arcane mages on this site? We have 3 steps to glad for basicly every spec in the game except for the "underdog" specs which is still sad since you can still perform well with these specs. I'm not only talking about arcane mage, but holy priest, outlaw rogue, bm and mm hunters aswell. Even though these specs arent meta right now does not mean you have to push them aside and us who play them.

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    The issue is that representation is so incredibly low for those specs that it just doesn't make sense for us to prioritize content for those specs over ones that are played almost 50x as much across all brackets.

    We're producing some videos this week on these underdog specs but they will only go as far as build and playstyle. If you're only looking for in depth guides for these underdog specs then unfortunately we won't be putting these out any time soon and can offer you a refund if you contact support@skill-capped.com.

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