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    Fire corruption as MLD. Full vers ? Vers + haste? haste proc?

    Hey guys,

    Trying to push as FMage + Lock/monk (between 2150 and 2.3) and I was wondering what do you think are the best corruption for this comp?

    1- I see some mages go full vers (ex:wealthyman)
    2- I see some other mage go full haste (exherix)
    3- Im thinking also about full vers with haste rank 3 proc what do you think ?
    4- Maybe a haste build vs casters and a vers build vs melee comp who will tunnel me is better?
    5- Is it worth it to go half haste/half versa ?
    6- What is better on haste corruption , procs or pure stat?

    So much question going out on my head and i do not want to waste my echoes on corruption that are not optimal

    Anyone does have an answer?


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    Maro recommends just going full versa against rogue mage and ww dh (basically any comp where you die in stuns). Otherwise, you can mix versa and haste amps against other comps (if you can easily make a second set).

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    I think versa is better, but try to reach 29% of haste. With that, u can db and poly rentless.

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