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    Hpal at SL

    Hello brother of light,

    I started to looking some video of holy paladin at SL and i'm rather...worried.

    There is a lot of change which give me the sensation they totaly change the classes, but the most important of them is the inversion of buff of infusion of light.

    Got a flash heal more faster but keep 2.2 sec cast on holy light looks totaly change hpal gameplay in arena...

    Same for Holy avenger which is totaly change with 3 min cd instead of 2 min...

    After all the time I passed to learn this class, i feel prety to sad to feel it will be completely different.

    Some of my friend told me it will be like it was in Cata or MoP, but i didn't play in these extension.

    So, all of this to ask you how you feel this hard rework of Hpal in arena. Do you think it's still gonna be competitive?

    Thank you for anwser .

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    I've seen Minpojke play hpala on shadowlands beta and it seems really good, considering you have basically no gear on beta.

    Hpal is a class that revolves heavily around gear. Having that extra crit so you get the infusion of light procs. Having extra haste so your globals arent as long.

    You got a lot more utility in terms of abilities in shadowlands than you do now. We are trying to figure out what is the best and what needs more working on, and also what is just a gear issue. There'll be guides on skillcapped coming out very soon detailing all these things I'm pretty sure!

    Don't worry though, It doesnt look as bad as people are saying or as you're thinking. From my PoV it looks 100x better than it is now!

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