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    Thunder Cleave Viability/Strat


    Is thunder cleave viable in 8.3? We are running it with a MW Monk.

    What is the general strat of this comp?

    We have had particular trouble against RMP and double melee where they just train the shaman all game and our pressure is very low, is there any workaround for this or advice against these matchups specifically?


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    It's a decent comp but nothing special and really suffers against rmx, especially if they play spite. I spoke to Zeepeye about it who played it a decent amount (twitch.tv/zeepeye) and he thinks it's probably a lot better with a holy paladin.

    You can check out his vods to see how the comp works, but in general you're just trying to run the team down with damage while setting up cross cc every 30 seconds with storm bolt on one target and lasso on the kill target.

    Against RMP, both the rogue and mage are good kill targets but generally sitting on the mage is the best way to slow down their pressure while making swaps onto the rogue in stuns if they overextend. It's then down to your team to play well together to make sure you stop cc/follow up to prevent the RMP from constantly setting up extremely long cc chains on your healer while killing your shaman. The warrior in particular has to play well with his war banner/mobility/interrupt.

    Against double melee, it's just about creating as much counter pressure as possible. If your shaman is just running around sitting in wolf all game and not keeping up flame shocks and getting decent lasso's off, you're going to eventually oom and lose. So, you have to counter pressure and can even look for healer swaps. Ultimately a matchup like this is going to be quite dependant on gear too - if your shaman is running with full gushing and high item level then you'll actually have a lot of your own pressure too, but if you're undergeared it's going to be a huge struggle for your warrior to generate pressure alone.

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