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    Ele/Destro/MW vs Melee Cleaves and RMP


    Have been playing Ele/Destro/MW lately and its going well

    The comps we have found hardest for us are generally RMPala and melee cleaves, particularly involving DKs such as DK/WW or DK/DH.

    What are some good tips/strategies against this comp four our comp?


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    Hey! We'll get commentaries made on these matchups asap. For now though, when facing RMPala your best kill target is usually the rogue. You'll be using your monks leg sweep to set up and your ele can DR lasso out of it. Against DH DK, you should just continually set up kills on the demon hunter with lasso while getting cross cc on the rest of the team. I'm not 100% sure how to play against WW DK but I'd imagine going monk in the early game and then trying to kill the DK in late damp would be a decent strategy.

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