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    Shadowlands - 3v3 Comp?

    Heya! Did mostly 2s during BFA but I've got two consistent partners going into Shadowlands - we're trying to decide a good comp. We're currently thinking:

    Disc priest (I highly prefer healing classes that have some damaging abilities and disc is listed high in your tier list, yay!)

    Sub Rogue (My 2s partner for BFA was assassination but always preferred sub so this is actually the best news ever about sub making S tier)

    ... Arms Warrior? (other partner has only ever played sporadically since MOP and has only had a max level character like ... twice, but they've got the time this expansion and we're gonna give it a shot. They really just like melee classes)

    So does this work? Disc + Sub + Arms?

    And on that same note, would Disc + Sub be okay for 2s for when our 3rd doesn't want to play?

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    Sub rogue and Disc is almost definitely going to be a strong 2's comp. Obviously nothing is for sure yet since things aren't in concrete yet. Rogue priest always has good synergy though and both specs are supposed to be strong, therefore, probably a good 2's comp.

    The 3's comp is a little more problematic it is highly doubtful that disc rogue warrior would be an a tier or s tier comp. I could see disc rogue ele being strong along with RMP. For melees it's tough but my best guess would be maybe Dk or Windwalker monk?? I know both are supposed to be strong in SL and just bring a bit more to the comp than a warrior.

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    If your partner wants to play melee, the only melee which have historically worked well with a sub rogue in 3s are survival hunters and ret paladins. Outside of that, if they're willing to play a caster, pretty much any of them will work with a sub rogue and disc priest with the way things are balanced at the moment.

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