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    Enhancement in shadowlands

    I long ago use to find enhancement to be one of the funnest specs to play but I find winning more fun. Is there any indication that enhancement won’t be a complete dumpster fire next expansion or is it looking to be more of the same really as it has been for a while. If viable as a competitive class what comps aside turbo might they play in. If turbo is the only comp which healer will fit best. I don’t actually see enough changes to them to see them return to meta but I figured I would ask people who have a better eye for the forecast.

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    Sadly it looks like enh is going to have the exact same issues that preventing it from being a top spec in BfA - really poor defensives. Although, if their damage is high they will be viable just like at the start of BfA when they were one of the best specs. Basically because of their class design, it's just going to come down to numbers.

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