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    Shadowlands Ret viability

    In shadowlands I’m looking to cut down the number of toons I play as I currently am always juggling at least one of every class and it is overwhelming. I also already have my main chosen but I was wondering if you think ret is going to be viable (compared to the field) and do you think at least one spec of pally is usually viable at any given point. If you think it is viable what are it’s best partners coming up? Lastly the only other two classes I would like to consider is Dh or feral. Do you think one of the other two have better viability both currently and over the long run. I’m looking to permanently narrow down my toons played so I’m looking for the best option. Winning is more important to me than just playing a toon I like. The most likely dps partners that my team mates play with include rogue, warrior, mage, hunter and possibly a another feral but I usually heal for the feral. With that information what toons are most recommended long term......and even short.
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    Honestly if you're looking to main ret, I would suggest maining warrior instead. For many years now, rets have played second fiddle to the actual best melee and that trend is looking to continue in shadowlands. While you can always make it work, as I have done for quite some time - it just doesn't make sense to main this class when other melee bring so much more to the table.

    Still, if you really want to stick to ret, I think ret hunter and ret rogue will probably be your best comps.

    As for your other options, both dh and feral are probably in the same boat right now with loss of BfA's borrowed power hurting them. Although, DH is still able to output a ton of damage and ferals have great off-healing. The choice between the two will likely come down to personal preference and if you prefer to play melee cleaves (DH) or melee caster/hunter comps (feral).

    If you're mostly playing with a rogue/warrior/mage/hunter, feral will probably work with mage/hunter and dh will work with warrior (based on what we saw in BfA and previous expansions).

    Rets will most likely work with all of the above, so if you really enjoy ret you'll get the most flexbility with it, especially as you can also play holy as you mentioned.

    To conclude though, if you want to stick to just playing a single melee, based on your current choices and the classes you can play with - I would recommend warrior.

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