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    Problem with Druids

    I am playing a frost mage in 2's with a disc around 2k MMR.

    I do fine except against any druid team(boomkin, feral, resto) I seem to lose.

    They seem to pillar hug a lot, put dots etc, stop me from casting...

    Any general tips on dealing with druid teams as a frost mage?

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    Against ferals that that hug pillars, you want to be patient and stay out in the open. This makes it harder for them to hit you and escape whenever they want.

    When facing balance druids, it's best to play in their face and try to do as much damage as possible because playing out in the open won't help you at all against a caster.

    And against resto druids, just do max dps and use klept on cooldown while landing counterspells on them whenever you can.

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