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    Question Feral Covenant - Do we have a choice at all?

    Hey there.

    So I was wondering which Covenant would be the best choice for a 3v3 arena comp and occasionally some Mythics.
    Team is Jungle Cleave

    I saw a lot of different opinions and play styles, but I my self did not have the chance to test it.
    I have a few questions and was wondering if anyone around here could share some knowledge (:

    1) Will the difference between choices be a huge thing?
    I mean... Will different Covenant Druids be totally different Druids at all? (Kyrian/Nightfae/Venthyr druids will be useless compared to Necro Druids?
    We made a 3v3 team for Shadowlands, we want to do good... but we want to pick the Covenants we like lol. Will the Covenant choice be something decisive?

    2) Is it possible for anyone here to make a brief Pros and Cons on the Covenants?
    I know Skill Capped video said Necrolord is the choice here... But there are lots of content around there with different opinions.

    3) Will Feral be around BIG BITES or BLEEDS?

    I just want to make sure this is my only choice before wearing skeleton leather and riding an undead bull

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    1) While we currently expect necrolords to be a great option in PvP, if you're looking to also have a covenant that works well in PvE you may want to consider going with the kyrian, which should also be decent in PvP, just potentially not as good. It's likely that the diference between them won't be too large as the druid covenant abilities and soulbinds you get aren't really that game breaking.

    2) We'll have follow up information on the best covenants once season 1 starts and people have actively spent time playing the game on live servers, at that point it's likely everyone will have much better opinions.

    3) Feral is looking to be more about burst than bleed damage based on what we've seen so far on the beta.

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