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    hunter pets basics


    im wondering if there is any basics to know or do with a pet a hunter, like macros, what are the best kind of pets, do i keep it on passive?

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    You need a cunning pet for access to master's call that also has mortal wounds for when playing with classes that don't have an ms effect, like rets and ferals. I believe a hyena works.

    As for macros, you've got a few options. You can keep your pet on passive and use a /petattack bind to get your pet to attack your target (you could also bind /petattack into another ability). You can then have /petfollow and /petmoveto bound so that you can control your pet when needed (for example to bring it back for heals if it's dying or to try and eat a trap, but that's quite advanced).

    I'd suggest just starting out with keeping your pet on assist and having /petattack bound into an ability like chimera shot to make sure your pet is always on your target.

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