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    Vengeance Demonhunter

    I want to be flag carry this season and play vengeance demonhunter.

    I dont find much Guides about it and wantet to ask which Legendary and Convenant would be the best for me.

    At the moment i think the best for me would be venthyr as convenant because of the short port what looks not bad and the 30% slower auto attacks and cast from the new sign.

    Legendary i thought "Sephuz' Proklamation" or "Teufelsflammenverstärkung" looks great (Sorry for the German words)

    Also im not 100% sure about the PvP talents and the normal Talents at all.

    Would be awsome to hear what you guys thing about this.

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    Here are your standard talents, night fae is the best covenent simply for the added mobility more than anything, and then for legendaries it doesn't matter too much either sephuz or fel flame fortification are fine.

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