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    Covenant Conflict. Kyrian or Necrolord?

    Hey guys,

    Sorry for the dumb question. I've been looking at a lot of different guides and opinions from top players on the internet and I have been receiving some conflicting information.

    Which covenant is best for Sub rogue for pvp? I have chosen necrolord, but from Skillcapped everyone has been saying Kyrian is the best. Is that still the case? Has there been changes that I am not aware of that has made that false and now Necrolord is better?


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    Kyrian is the go-to because of how strong echoing reprimand is and for the can re-stealths you can get with a phial of patience.

    However, echoing reprimand just got nerfed tonight, so there's a chance other covenants will catch up in strength, although I doubt anything will actually become better than kyrian.

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