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    Disc WW vs Hpal and Arms

    Hello guys,

    First i would like to say a HUDGE thanks to skilled cap! When the season started i was really struggeling as a new healer in this crazy Meta and all the video, support help me reach 1800 in 2s with my Rdruid and now with my disc priest.

    I must admit that i enjoy way more disc in 2s atm, so here is my question.

    When i play Disc, WW (our main comp) VS Arms and Hpal i feel they have a response for all our go.. and i go OOM in 3-5 mins and they win. Our strat is simple, WW is on Hpal all the time except when he need to peel for me.

    Do you have any input how we should approch this match up?

    Thank again and keep up your good work!

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    Hey, we're discontinuing the use of this old site and will only be operating our discord server (https://discord.gg/fQXxf8uFTw) as means for communication.

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