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    New toon for regular 2's and maybe some 3's in the future

    Hey all, a friend convinced me to come back and play some 2's and maybe some 3's with him. I usually am only 1700-1800s and I used to roll resto druid back in WoTLK/CATA, and MW up to BFA. I'll be leveling a new toon on a new server, so I'm set to level anything.

    My Friend is primarily playing a Ele/Enh shaman at the moment (goes back and forth as I understand it). What specs would you recommend for simplicity of play, and viability as I have been gone for a while.

    I haven't seen a lot beyond memes about the current state of PvP but I am thinking Paladin would normally pair well with shaman, but have not read up a ton on the current meta.

    For non-serious, non crazy push, would double DPS be a viable choice or should I be looking to heal only? I'd appreciate any insight you can offer.

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    Hey, we're discontinuing the use of this old site and will only be operating our discord server (https://discord.gg/fQXxf8uFTw) as means for communication.

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