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    Affliction resto shaman vs rogue priest

    looking for some tips of how we can make this match go a bit smoother. It's almost always a win for us if the rogue sits on my healer, but if he is on me i tend to have alot of problems killing anyone. obviously its tough to kill the healer at this point because he is always behind a pillar. I cant seem to get a good setup going in between cloak cooldowns. any suggestions?

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    Re: Affliction resto shaman vs rogue priest

    In general (I think I use this word a lot), if you have a dps on you, you want to try to split them from the priest. Rogue/priest I've always done as nuking rogue while making sure PoM doesn't bounce from priest to rogue. Have your shaman constantly purging the rogue and do what you can to get full dots on rogue. Eventually, with enough jukes, you can get a fear on the rogue (after UA of course) to open yourself up to fear the priest. Just make sure your shaman isn't ooming faster than the priest.

    Another option, if your shaman's mana can stand it, is to dot everything and just mana drain priest.

    And finally, you can try killing the priest... somehow. The problem with rogue/shaman is that there isn't much beyond Hex that he can do to peel for you. It's kind of a static fight. Shamans do better against caster teams because of shocks and groundings.

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    Re: Affliction resto shaman vs rogue priest

    Also use CoEx a lot. They can't dispel it and if you get some distance between yourself and rogue he will take way longer to catch you up, therefore giving you time to fully dot him, give shaman opportunity to drink and so on.

    Using CoEx on priest is awesome too - he won't catch up your shaman for fear that easy, will make LOSing Mana Burns way easier also give you sometime to get more drains off or put more dots.

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