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    2v2 w/ SPriest, What spec? & General Tips?

    I'm just starting to play on my warlock a bit and get into arenas with it and I'm planning on doing 2's for awhile to get my feet wet with a friend that plays a shadow priest, just wondering how viable the comp is these days and if I would be better off playing destro or affliction with this setup?

    I'm rather inexperienced with a warlock so either way there is going to be a bit of a learning curve of course, and also if anyone could just give a quick run down of how this comp would work that would be great. Thanks.

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    Re: 2v2 w/ SPriest, What spec? & General Tips?

    As a comp I imagine it can work still pretty well. It's mostly about getting full dots on everything and getting a kill before they can pressure you more.

    As a new team, however, I have some suggestions. First is realize that 2s can be a very finicky bracket. It's really hard to get consistent results when success can come mainly from comp or gear, all other things (like skill) being equal. So do what you can to grab a shaman or druid to play any variation of Shadowplay.

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