okay thank you, i think we're doing it quite well, i mean, unless we're in ******** rov, we usually win spellcleave.

and on rdruid, ele, warlock ? we fought them three times : 1x on Blade's Edge ( win ), 2x on RoV ( Loss ).. we focused on their ele with freezing trap on warlock ( with a good coordination, its easy because i can instant fear his pet with my glyph ), and mainly cc on lock when he's out of trap.

We're trying to los during BL, though its a bit difficult on RoV.. i dont really feel like we can focus on their druid ( unhealable damages ), and i think warlock wont take that much damages (Nether Protection, Soul Link, Portal..) so if we want to kill him, we have to do a very long fight, and its not what im hoping for some reasons.

What im not sure is about cc, except trap / stun (on lock), do we have to gnaw/silence/strangulate him too ? Maybe only when he's got bloodlust, and then i think its gonna be possible, on a " normal " arena ( =#= RoV ), to easily los him, preventing him from fearing / bursting too much.

ps : the damages output of your team is really amazing, especially on the dual healer / warri movie !

edit : my armory : http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet ... a&cn=Might, as you can see im the paladin, though i find your point of view interesting, helping me to understand better my dk.