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    UA & HPally vs. UA & RDruid - How viable is it to kill the pet?


    Just faced a UA & RDruid comp with my HPally friend. The game went on for full 45 minutes with neither side really gaining an advantage. However, towards the end of the game I started puzzling about actually dotting the warlock and his pet fully, then simply Fearing the druid to kill the pet.

    Now, I know that if the warlock might have Demonic Rebirth, he can get a new pet for free. And if he uses Soul Shards, he can get at least 3 more. But, once those 5+ pets are killed in continuous successive Fear-chains on the druid, what can the warlock do in defense? He needs to hard-summon a new one in order to gain the damage reduction and spell lock.

    After all, I think we all agree that a warlock without his pet is quite susceptible to getting killed. Would this approach thus work in order to gain an advantage in this game?

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    in wrath when we didnt have shards most locks played extreamly defensive when fel dom was on CD and people were going to kill it in these matches. i believe the same would happen as the lock ran low on shards in this comp(that's what i would do anyways) and theres also the demonic rebirth that acts like feldom did. its definitly a viable strat if the match isn't going anywhere imo. but, your looking at a long match, even longer now that drain mana is going.

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    this is also assuming he's not able to get a soul harvest off- if he's able to get out of combat even for a few seconds, that's another pet...or 3

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