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» What is Skill Capped?
Skill Capped's goal is to support the World of Warcraft community by providing a one of a kind service where players can learn more about the game and improve their skill. We deliver instructional content from top players around the world in the form of commentary in high-quality videos and professionally written articles. We also serve as a open medium for discussion and networking between players. Skill Capped is not a step-by-step process on how to beat the game, but rather a utility to help players improve their skill by understanding game mechanics and how to use them successfully. Please note, Skill Capped is neither associated or endoursed by Blizzard Entertainment ®
» What kinds of players is Skill Capped made for?
New players, experienced Arena Masters, weekend players, raiding PVE players, and everyone in between! We make sure to offer content that will be useful to players of all experience levels and backgrounds. For example, our Class Guides point out not-so-obvious game mechanics and useful macros of a particular class, and our Arena Guides aim to provide an overall mentality of a match in addition to in-depth strategy.
» Is this an official strategy guide?
No. Official strategy guides can be found on Blizzard's website.
» What is the quality of your videos?
Our free videos are standard web quality. Members benefit from videos that 1080p HD. You won't find PVP video streams this high-quality anywhere else. Check out our Featured Videos for samples of our HD videos.
» Do you have an affiliate program?
We may affiliate with companies who do not breach World of Warcraft Terms of Service. For serious inquiries, please contact us
» Do you offer private lessons?
We currently do not offer a private lesson service.
» Do you sell merchandise?
We do not currently have a store, but is planned for the future
» What browsers are supported?
Skill Capped has been tested in Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 8+, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera. We highly recommended to view our website in one of these browsers with JavaScript enabled and a resolution of 1024x768 or greater.
» I use IE, but it says I do not have a compatible browser
Please make sure that you are using version 8 with the latest system updates. Also, make sure that you are not in compatibility view.
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» Is Skill Capped's content free?
All of our videos can be viewed free of charge. Membership features full-length instructional commentary that can be sampled in our Featured Videos. More information can be found on the About Us page.
» Why is membership a subscription?
Our members benefit from ad-free HQ streams with commentary by making our monthy operating costs possible. Also, we are constantly expanding our video library with relevant and up-to-date information to help players stay on top of the game.
» Will Skill Capped ask for my password/login information?
No. A Skill Capped admin or contributor will never you ask for passwords.
» My login information does not work.
Please make sure you have cookies enabled and that they are allowed for Refer to our Privacy Policy for more information on how we handle cookies. Contact support AT skill-capped DOT com with the email and user name that you signed up with, we will fix this as soon as possible!
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» What does it take to contribute to Skill Capped?
Our contributors normally hold at least one rank-1 title, and have been awarded a Gladiator title multiple times.
» Are you looking for contributors?
We are always looking for talented players to contribute quality instructional videos are articles. If you believe you are qualified, you may apply here
» Are you looking for developers/staff?
If you believe you could contribute a unique talent set to Skill Capped, please email us!
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Privacy Policy

» What personal information about customers does Skill Capped gather?
Skill Capped gathers very little personal information. We store the email address that you signup and the IP address that you last logged in with. All payment/financial information is stored and handled by PayPal.
» How secure is the information you gather?
We store and process your personal information on our computers in the US, and we protect it by maintaining physical, electronic and procedural safeguards in compliance with applicable US federal and state regulations. We use computer safeguards such as firewalls and data encryption, we enforce physical access controls to our buildings and files, and we authorize access to personal information only for those employees who require it to fulfill their job responsibilities.
» Does Skill Capped use cookies?
Yes. We send a "session cookie" to your computer when you log in to your account. This type of cookie helps us to recognize you if you visit multiple pages on our site during the same session, so that we don’t need to ask you for your password on each page. These are the only cookies that are generated by using Skill Capped and do not store any personal information.
» Are cookies required?
You may not be able to log into your account if you do not have cookies enabled. Cookies can be enabled in your browser settings.
» Does Skill Capped share my personal information
We will not sell or rent any of your personal information to third parties for their marketing purposes.
» How can I contact Skill Capped about privacy questions?
Please refer to our Contact section to email a Skill Capped administrator
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