User Interface Guide | UI Guide for EVERY Class

by: Mystic


User Interface Guide | UI Guide for EVERY Class

Mar 14, 2017

Hey everyone and welcome to our guide on the best way to structure your UI. In this guide, we're going to walk you through step by step exactly what you need to do to set up your UI like one of the pros.

Update for Omnibar section:  Here are the warrior abilities you need to track:

  • Sharpen Blade
  • Battlecry
  • Stormbolt
  • Intimidating Shout

Tracking Shockwave is not useful becuase it's cooldown changes based on number of people hit, and Omnibar does not account for this.  

Comments & Questions

  • 0
    19 days ago
    none of the suggested DH spells are showing up on my addon, by default its taking an interrupt spell Disrupt
  • 0
    1 month ago
    "Bear" minimum omegalul
  • 0
    5 months ago
    Hello, is there a way to test the interface out of arena ? (without being in a group)
  • 0
    5 months ago
    Is there any way I can widen my bottom action bars so I can put in more spells to use? currently I only have 6 spots in my right action bar
  • 0
    6 months ago
    im just trying to figure out the ui scale in relation to the "custom" resolution i mean its a ui scale of 1.0 on a 1920 x 1080 or a 640×480, 800×600, 960×720, 1024×768 thanks in advance! time stamp 2:06 btw
  • 0
    9 months ago
    Hey, can u help me? How i can to change distance size camera? idu this moment, it’s script/macro/addon
  • 1
    10 months ago
    Tellmewhen is very usefull :)
  • 1
    13 months ago
    tbh still the best video to date for new/beginner arena players no doubt the most important aspect in preparing for arenas thanks skillcap much <3
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