Making Efficient Keybinds with Modified Macros

by: Mahiko

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Making Efficient Keybinds with Modified Macros

Jul 19, 2011

This video will explain how to bind ctrl shift and alt onto a razer naga. This video also explains how to construct a modified macro to use abilities against arena enemies 1, 2 and 3. This video will also explain how I modified my interupt abilities with focus [ctrl], focus shadowstep [alt], and special keys [shift]. This video will also explain how I have my Shadowdance keybinds set up. Please check my macro information for copy paste links.

Comments & Questions

  • 2
    10 months ago
    Is there a way to Reupload the Video so it can be watched again? Right now it's just blank white if I click on Play.
  • 0
    97 months ago
    Just bought a naga epic, reupped my skill-capped account, watched this vid first and I going to do this asap, this sounds perfect. good job.
  • 0
    98 months ago
    good guide just confusing as hell
  • 0
    99 months ago
    mahiko is vry underrated. the first rogue i really got into, after akrioss.
  • 0
    99 months ago
    insane... im tempted to try it
  • 0
    101 months ago
    omg i dont understand a shittt!! what are you saying? when you hold down shift and 3 wtf dint you say you bounded shift and alt, ctrl to naga where does these 123 come from? if they are from keyboard how the hell are you strafing. sorry for the lanaguage but iam frustrated and confused
  • 0
    101 months ago
    Could you please please answer this , like you sad you have ctrl,shift.alt bound to your razer naga, but then how do you strafe and where is your backstab and hemo now?
  • 1
    103 months ago
    Hi mahiko, sup?
    So your macro is /cast [nomod][target=arena1, mod:ctrl][target=arena2, mod:shift][target=arena3, mod:alt] ability..
    What if you want to make it arena1 your nomod and arena 2 your shift and arena 3 your control? Is there a way to make that?
    great vid btw ;)
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