Game Awareness and Positive Mindset

by: Zelyx


Game Awareness and Positive Mindset

Aug 19, 2011

Hey guys!

This video is about having game awareness and a positive mindset in the arena, and how it can help you improve as a player. 

This video is up on Skill Capped's YouTube channel, and it would help the site keep growing their awesome community if you go over there and Like/Comment/Favorite/ and most of all SUBSCRIBE! 

This video will cover things like the focus frame, positioning, field of vision, awareness of your surroundings, and the correct mindset to approach your games.

The video is aimed at all healers, and all players in general.

Last, don't worry!  Even though this video is free to the public, you guys will be getting exclusive content from me from now on.  But it would really help out if you took a minute to go do all the good stuff that helps us out on YouTube!


Comments & Questions

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    20 months ago
  • 1
    24 months ago
    Hey, what is the addon that has enemy interrupt cd's there?
  • 0
    25 months ago
    I'm a new Skill-capped member and this is god sent. It was exactly what I was looking for + so much more. And just after watching the 1st time I can understand a lil bit more.Thanks alot!!

    It's all about the learning curves in life! I'll be digesting this video over time. Understanding and using more and more of these profound guidelines. Thanks once again.
  • 1
    29 months ago
    great life lessons
  • 1
    29 months ago
    did I just see 2900 rating?

    Great vid btw
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    30 months ago
    Very useful video! Thnx guys :)
  • -1
    32 months ago
    @chaerez real life is a game
    @Zelyx verry usefull video, thank you.
  • 5
    36 months ago
    btw its the most useful video out there since these tips are valuable even in real life
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