Keybinding Guide: Arena 1-2-3 Macros

by: Xessi

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Keybinding Guide: Arena 1-2-3 Macros

Sep 8, 2011

In this video I explain what Arena 1-2-3 macro's are, why you should use them and where you can keybind them.

Comments & Questions

  • 0
    64 months ago
    im looking , at hunter's macros and key bind !! why its this mage here??? lol
  • 0
    70 months ago
    woudnt be easier and space saving to just do 1 macro for example
    /cast nomod:target1, shiftmod target2 controlmod target 3??
    (i know this its not exactly how its written but u get my point)
    u would have all your targets 1 keybind with different modifiers
  • 0
    71 months ago
    If you want to do it on your teamates you can use [target=name of teamate]

    For example /cast [target=Ructious] Cleanse
  • 0
    76 months ago
    I have a question, how can I do this for my teamates, for example if I was to Cleanse someone. I play Holy Pally so this would benefit me in various ways.
  • 0
    86 months ago
    I play as a Ret Paladin, and I am having a lot of problems trying to switch to this, since I have to keybind these macros to WoG, BoP, Freedom, Sacrifice, Repentance, HoJ, and Rebuke. Is there a good way to save action bar space? I have to use 21 keys for all these macros. @_@
    • 0
      85 months ago
      You can start with binding a few of your spells, only the most important ones if you don't have enough binds left
  • -2
    85 months ago
    eehm question i got atm like all of my keybinds i can use filled already and i can re-bind but then still how would that make a bigger diff becuse il be mostly bind those keys the same way i had already?
  • 0
    86 months ago
    gladius is never updated is there an alt page i can go to download it
  • 2
    88 months ago
    should be like plus i million skill
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