Strategy: Mage vs. Shadow Priest

by: Talbadar

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Strategy: Mage vs. Shadow Priest

Aug 30, 2013

The second part of Talbadar's Shadow vs Frost duelling guide, this time covering strategies with full duel commentaries!

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Comments & Questions

  • 0
    63 months ago
    what addon is that, that displays the mages buffs and cds above his head? I noticed it showed you that his frost orb had like 2 seconds left
  • 0
    69 months ago
    It seems like mages have had absolute 1v1 power over shadow priests for the last two expansions at least, thank you for confirming it. Now I don't feel like i'm making excuses when I shrug it off after a loss lol.
  • 0
    69 months ago
    I love dueling, so thank you for this guide.
    Any chance for one of these vs 5.3 Feral?
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