Monk Mobility & Self Healing 101

by: Venruki

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Monk Mobility & Self Healing 101

Sep 25, 2013

Venruki brings you this Windwalker Monk guide covering many mechanics of the Monk class including mobility and self healing, as well as demonstrating how to utilize these tools in the arena in an intense 1v2 example clip!

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Comments & Questions

  • 0
    75 months ago
    Ven, not sure you realize this, but your detox did nothing the whole battle because the DK had the glyph that makes his diseases undispellable (Enduring Infection). May be something to mention to look for in a future video because it wastes a global as well as 20 energy even if it doesn't dispel anything (and if you have it glyphed, it doesn't heal you either)
  • 0
    80 months ago
    Loved the video. Lots of good info. Thanks.
  • 0
    82 months ago
    Just an FYI, energizing brew will also proc healing elixers, and you didnt go over how tiger's eye brew also increases your healing as well as + damage, which can also be really useful in dire situations. :)
  • 0
    82 months ago
    Still learning the ropes with my monk, this guide sure helped me a lot. Cheers!
  • -2
    82 months ago
    "just as much healing"? Do you mean more healing them them combined? (and more damage than them combined as well)
  • 0
    82 months ago
    you could use SEF to spread the healing debuff from RSK on the whole enemy team.
  • 3
    82 months ago
    Great display of how monks should be played. Do you ever use storm, earth and fire in arena? Not sure if it's good to use on totems, or even low dps healers? Also do you recommend running 2s with a healer, or dps?
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