Shadow Priest Macros

by: Talbadar

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Shadow Priest Macros

Sep 25, 2013

In this video Talbadar brings you a macro guide for Shadow Priests. He goes over his very own macros and explains why they are good to use.

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Comments & Questions

  • 0
    64 months ago
    Hi Talbadar

    I am very new to SPriest. I need urgent help with dealing damage and bursting. I don't see any videos that can help me understand the class and how to do damage. Could you please point me in the right direction?

  • 0
    68 months ago
    what hexn said is very true, clipping mindflay after second tick is best for burst/damage and being able to clip when people are running away from you is also very good for damage
  • 4
    68 months ago
    I would not recommend anyone to use the nochanneling macro for mindflay. Especially when playing with Insanity, you want to refresh your mindflay channel at the very tail end of Devouring Plague, so you get a full channel with double damage. As well as people running behind a pillar, you refresh your flay channel the last second before they leave your LoS, giving you the maximum tics while you can no longer hit them. This is not possible to do with a nochannel macro.

    As for cancelaura dispersion, I have it bound into my fear like this:

    #showtooltip psychic scream
    /cancelaura dispersion
    /cast psychic scream

    It saves you a bind, and when you need to fear you can do it straight out of disperse. Some might think that using a macro like this will waste your fear when using it in other situations, but it won't actually cast the fear if only pressed once.
  • 0
    68 months ago
    awesome vid. jus was wondering the name of the song used?
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