Warrior Gearing Guide For Patch 5.4

by: Zanso

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Warrior Gearing Guide For Patch 5.4

Oct 4, 2013

Welcome to the Arms Warrior Guide on how to best gear your character for Patch 5.4 WoW PvP.  In this guide you will learn your stat priority for this patch and season, and understand exactly why this is the stat priority.  You will know exactly what gear you should be going for, and what order to buy it in.  

On top of that, you will know exactly what Gems, Enchants, and Reforges to get with your PvP gear.  Last, we will touch on the professions you should use in PvP as an Arms Warrior . 

By using this WoW Guide you will never need to worry about which piece to get next, or what enchants, gems and regorges you should be going for.  This will give you a huge advantage over people who do not gear their character optimally throughout the season, which unfortunately is all to common!  

Thanks for watching!

Reforgelite addon - http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/reforgelite


edit: Hey guys Zanso here, there was a misscommunication between myself and the editor and he actually put the wrong trinket in. You want http://www.wowhead.com/item=100684 and http://www.wowhead.com/item=100505 as your two trinkets, do not buy http://www.wowhead.com/item=100617.

Comments & Questions

  • 0
    54 months ago
    Have to agree with iNoScoped.....I want a refund.
  • 0
    57 months ago
    I know its a little late but i noticed on the reforging list you have the head piece listed as expertise to mastery but you can't because the head has native mastery.
  • -3
    58 months ago
    So after being referred by a friend to this site. I am extremely disappointed you even post video's that have blatant faults (missing enchants, wrong reforges). This video was plain awkward and you have guests on to ask "questions" they asked 1 question that was regarding previous seasons..

    I can understand mistakes like these occurring on free websites. But this is a paid content site, and quality and accuracy is expected.
  • 0
    59 months ago
    should i replace my lower ilvl pvp gear first or replace my pve gear first? 476 pvp gear and 496 pve gear
  • 0
    59 months ago
    Currently my professions are bs/minning, what would be a good choice to replace mining with? I'm leaning towards jc because of the extra crit atm.
  • 0
    59 months ago
    Fury is 1000% viable for bgs, and rbgs it is not viable at all in arena though.
  • 0
    60 months ago
    How about tailoring/bs or engi?
  • -1
    60 months ago
    Would it be viable with full griev gear to go with the alacrity bracers instead? When i reached full grievous gear i noticed that my expertise was over the 6% hard cap. So on my 2nd warrior i decided to go with the other bracers instead of wasting points on expertise, reforged the haste to crit and haven't really noticed a difference so far... What would your comments be on that? By the way the video you posted was decent but a lot of information was wrong when you went through with it... and everyone seemed to be a bit nervous or something? I dunno tho kinda don't like the whole interview thing... the reps u guys had didn't even know what questions to ask nor did they know the gear you were describing...
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