Holy & Discipline Gearing Guide

by: Sodah

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Holy & Discipline Gearing Guide

Oct 21, 2013

Welcome to the Discipline and Holy Priest guide on how to best gear your character for Patch 5.4 WoW PvP. In this guide you will learn your stat priority for this patch and season, and understand exactly why this is the stat priority.  You will know exactly what gear you should be going for, and what order to buy it in.  

On top of that, you will know exactly what Gems, Enchants, and Reforges to get with your PvP gear.  Last, we will touch on the professions you should use in PvP as a Priest. 

By using this WoW Guide you will never need to worry about which piece to get next, or what enchants, gems and regorges you should be going for.  This will give you a huge advantage over people who do not gear their character optimally throughout the season, which unfortunately is all to common!  

Thanks for watching!

Reforgelite addon - http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/reforgelite

Comments & Questions

  • 0
    93 months ago
    How much spirit should I be running for 2s? Holy spec.
  • 8
    94 months ago
    Do you think that the advice in this vid will continue to apply in Season 15?
  • 0
    95 months ago
    I know this video is somewhat old but if you have spark up, then if you cast or use an instant cast flash heal,Renew will actually last half a second longer than if you use serenity.
  • 2
    95 months ago
    So with renew glyph you wanna have 12.50% haste, and without it 16.66% ?
  • 0
    97 months ago
    Hey - Recently switching to Holy. How important is the 16% Renew tick? If I can hit it, how much Crit should I lose for it?
  • 0
    98 months ago
    My lock is inscription and his Boa shoulder enchant is 520int and 100 crit.
  • -1
    98 months ago
    When i socked and enchant my equip like that i dont get my 16&66 cap for my renew ... or i have to be full geared ?!? and than i get the cap ?
  • 1
    98 months ago
    The staff will offer you more spirit than MH/OH
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