Skill Capped Has Helped Thousands of People

From casual PVPers to hardcore arena veterans, Skill Capped has helped thousands of players accomplish their goals. Our members love us. In fact, in a recent survey, over 98% of members say they would recommend Skill Capped to a friend.

Over 30,000 other PVPers
trust Skill Capped

Proven Results

There is a reason why thousands of people signup and continue to use our service: IT WORKS! The average Skill Capped members gains over 300 arena rating within the first 2 months of signing up.


We’ve Done The Heavy Lifting For You

Don't of spend your valuable time figuring out the best way to improve at PVP. We’ve searched for the best players and optmized the most effective content to provide truely instructional content.

Unrivaled Credibility

Never worry about getting the wrong information with Skill Capped. We pride ourselves in always delivering the most up-to-date information and strategies. Our instructors are hand-selected from the elite group of the top 0.5 percentile of highest-rated arena players.

» Can't I find instructional PVP videos on the internet for free?

Although there are amateur PVP videos and guides scattered throughout the Internet, Skill Capped provides content that's first and foremost instructional and up-to-date. Other PVP videos are usually for entertainment purposes or simply outdated, but our content is continuously produced, has concise information, and created specifically for players like you.

Stop wasting your time searching and start learning with Skill Capped

We have over 100 instructional videos and guides for each class

Our extensive library of instructional videos goes in-depth on topics found no where else on the Internet

You always know information on Skill Capped is credible and up-to-date with the latest patches!

» How do I actually know information on Skill Capped is up-to-date and credible?

In addition to our contributors having unlocked the Gladiator achievement at least once, we screen each contributor and video to ensure it meets our strict quality standards. Since we have multiple contributors on staff for each class, we are able to release new content as soon as new patches arrive.

» What if I do not play arena?

Arenas are only a portion of our instructional content. We have Class Guides for every class in the game that cover everything you need to know about playing your class in PVP scenarios. We also produce videos for dueling and battlegrounds!

» Why does Skill Capped cost money?

We started Skill Capped to provide a professional-quality instructional service and community that we wish existed. Unfortunately, quality & innovative education is never free, and in order for our contributes to produce the content the community wants, we must pay them. We are built around the idea that our members sign-up and continue to utilize our service it's effective, valueable, and found nowhere else.

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