Skill Capped is the hyper improvement
platform for League of Legends.

Immediately Master New Champions

How can I achieve that?

We put together in-depth instructional courses for a wide range of the most dominant champions in League of Legends.
Quickly Pick Up New Roles

Isn't that too difficult?

Shifting your mindset to form a different playstyle is easy with Skill Capped. Whether you want to play a Marksman or any other role, our content is 100% research-driven and guarantees outstanding results.
Completely Decimate your Opponents


Something we take great pride in is the fact that we teach our users how to apply their knowledge in every imaginable situation. Therefore, you will always be several steps ahead of your competition.
Dominate in League of Legends

What can I expect?

You can expect to get used to the Victory screen. We conducted research with hundreds of League players which proves that users who use Skill Capped learn and climb up the ladder significantly faster than those who do not.
We pinpoint what's holding you back in the game.

We are a 100% research-driven company. Our learning guides are rooted in extensive analysis.

The best players make
the best teachers.

All of the information on our site has been created and
validated by the top 0.02% of players in the world.

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"Skill Capped is a never ending Encyclopedia of League of Legends guides! This is an excellent resource to improve your game quickly."