Collect Dozens of Games

We collect, analyze and evaluate games played at different skill levels. Our experts work through a 105 point checklist and use proprietary online tools to quickly add comments and tag notes.

We look at every possible aspect of play, from mechanics, positioning, mouse position, hotkeys, camera control, to advanced strategy, objective control, CS, itemization, etc.

Conduct one-on-one interviews

We engage with a set of random players to discover:

  • What they know
  • What they don't know
  • What they think they need
  • What they struggle with
  • What holds them back
  • What information are they looking for
Consult with top players

We work one-on-one with top League of Legends players to learn about the things gamers need to know in order to be successful.

Our talent roster spans the entire Diamond tier and includes a number of Challenger-level players. We consult exclusively with players that are a minimum rank of Diamond 1.

Hold focus groups

We consolidate our data from the game evaluation and our findings from our interviews and consultations to weigh it against public opinion.

We form intimate groups to discuss our preliminary results. This helps us gauge the importance of specific aspects and confirm the validity of our general direction.

Host coaching sessions

Together with a selection of top players, we observe gamers at different skill levels as they complete key challenges. The goal is to test the effectiveness of the coaching. We also want to understand to what degree gamers are self aware of their own strengths and weaknesses.

Obtaining insights to improve the alignment of coach and gamer is essential to the effectiveness of our resulting course ware.

Iterative Testing

We apply a rigorous testing process to all content types. First, we create an initial prototype and submit it to hundreds of players. Our integrated quiz system and real-time tracking tools allow us to measure the relay of information as well as the level of engagement. Then, we revise our prototype based on the generated feedback and restart the process.