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We invest over 200 hours working with the best players in the world to develop content fixated on your improvement. By analyzing both the highest levels of play and games from the average player, we pinpoint the exact areas of improvement for rapid, tangible results.


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In these courses, master all the essential, core skills you need to excel with any champion or role. By working with a diverse group of Challenger players, we compile a comprehensive library of game knowledge previously attainable only through thousands of games and years of experience.



Learn the exact tactics and strategies our Challenger experts use to decimate the opposition in Silver, Gold, and Platinum ELO. By watching our specialists play in your ELO, you’ll see the exact steps they take to win every single game.


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Core Course
The Jungler's Guide To Ganking
In this course you are going to have every single concept and skill associated with ganking as a jungler served up on a silver platter. Not only will we teach you all of the information, you will see dozens and dozens of in depth scenarios from the best junglers in the game. Tons of Challenger commentary analysis, all packaged together by the best in the Gamer Instructing Business: Skill Capped! Get ready to start snowballing games way more often!
People Involved
Total Hours
Est. Release
10 days ago
3 / 3
We search high and low for the best players in the world to consult with throughout the entirety of our course creation process. 100% of the information is fueled by their experience and expertise.
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